The Seven Undescended Canyons

Considering the size of the Northwest and western Canada and how little canyoneering has been done, we could have called this “The Seven Hundred Undescended.” In the interest of brevity we have narrowed it down to seven canyons which are already mentioned elsewhere on this website. All are scenic and likely to prove challenging. It’s entirely possible that some of them have been descended, but we just don’t know about it yet. If we receive credible information about a complete descent of any of them, they will be removed from this page and replaced with other canyons.

Agnes Gorge
Narrow and deep with glacial fed water running through it. Located near the head of Lake Chelan in the North Cascades.

Big Creek
A tributary of the Lewis River in the South Cascades. There are several big waterfalls and some smaller ones in a difficult narrows.

Box Canyon of the Cowlitz
A narrow deep slot with major current. Does any one have the nerve to give it a try? Located in Mount Rainier National Park.

Lava Canyon
Has seven water falls and a nice hiking trail that stays well away from the water course. Located near Mount Saint Helens.

Huberts Creek
A narrow slot with major current located in the upper Squamish River drainage in British Columbia.

High Falls Creek
One very big waterfall (maybe 100 meters) and various smaller ones (10 to 30 meters) in a narrow canyon. Located near Squamish in British Columbia.

Wells Creek
Wells Creek is located near Mount Baker in the North Cascades. Access is good. The upper end starts at Mazama Lake which is reached by a trail from Artist Point. A half mile downstream from the lake there is a series of seven waterfalls totaling between 400 and 500 feet in height. These waterfalls have been collectively labeled Mazama Falls. The potential appears to be outstanding. Two miles down stream there is a 100 foot waterfall in a scenic gorge a short distance above where the creek goes under Forest Service Road 33. There are several cascades in between this falls and Mazama Falls. If you are doing the entire creek, a car shuttle is recommended. The canyon downstream of road 33 has more falls. The road parallels the lower part of the creek. Late season is best due to the higher elevation of the upper watershed.